Limited Edition DeYoung Serendipity and Copper John

In early 2009 we collaborated with outdoor artist Derek DeYoung to replicate two of his original images on our reels. Our artists spent approximately six hours per reel meticulously hand painting his designs, and the results are considered incredible. As word got out about the Serendipity and Copper John patterns, the orders started rolling in from Abel dealers around the world.

The original plan was to limit the availability of the two designs for only the year 2009, but the requests for new orders are continuing to increase as the secret gets out about these stunning designs. We've already introduced two new DeYoung patterns for 2010, but by popular demand we're offering one last opportunity to place orders for the first two patterns on a limited edition, serial numbered run. A small run of 50 units of his "Abstract Rainbow - Serendipity," a representation of a rainbow trout with a small Serendipity fly in its mouth are being painted on our Super #3N model will be produced. An additional 50 units will be produced based on his "Abstract Brown - Copper John," a painting of a butter-colored brown trout with a Copper John in its jaw on our Super #5N size.

Each reel will be serial numbered 1 of 50, 2 of 50, etc., and be accompanied by an 11" X 14" signed giclee print with the matching serial number from Derek DeYoung.

De Young’s art can also be viewed or purchased online at

For information or sales of the Abel Reels with artwork by DeYoung, phone 805.484.8789.


Limited Edition DeYoung Serendipity and Copper John
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Note: All reels come standard with a solid frame.

Please contact the factory regarding information on additional reel sizes.

Lead time for all reels is 6-8 weeks.

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