Larko Bonefish - painted

Along with her wildly popular Brown Trout, Outdoor artist and friend Andrea Larko has developed a bonefish graphic now available from Abel.

          In her own words: I recently had the opportunity to target bonefish and even though I’ve watched videos of people fishing for them and have seen a lot of photographs of bonefish, to experience one on the end of a fly line is something spectacular. I was fishing the flats in Belize with Able Women and the guide was wonderful. He told me to cast at 10 about 60 feet, so I did. Okay, so maybe the wind caught it a little and it ended up at 11, but I was close. I let it sink and started to slowly strip my line as I saw a shadow dart out towards my fly I felt a pull in the opposite direction and I instinctively lifted the rod to set the hook. Needless to say, I lost the fish. Yes, I trout set and I lost about 4 more bonefish until I had to stop to remind myself to strip set on a tug. It took a few more tries but eventually I got the hang of it and had on a beautiful bonefish. I didn’t have time to even think after I strip set before that fish took off away from the boat so fast that I swear he could have parted the water behind him. Obviously, he didn’t, but I’ve never witnessed a fish move so quickly. I held the rod tip up and set the drag a little tighter in anticipation for the fish to slow down but he had no intention of that.

          Coming onto backing I decided that if he wanted to play that way, I was up for the challenge. It took a few minutes but after finally landing him and seeing the beauty of this fish and their strength and speed for their size, I was really taken back. I drew this fish before I had the opportunity to land a bonefish, but tried to convey their stealth and speed into the design with colors that mimicked the beauty of the flats. I must say that after catching a few of them, and also after losing a few more from my innate response on how to set a hook, I think that the more angular approach to the design is a good reflection of how these fish almost seem bi-conical in their way to swim and react to their environment. With respect to their scales that basically just reflect the colors of their surrounding, and their super speed giving them the opportunity to practically just disappear, they truly are the ghosts of the flats. I can’t wait to fish for them again.

-Andrea Larko, August 2015

Larko Bonefish - painted
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