DeYoung 2013 Rainbow Trout Flank - Leopard

Outdoor artist and friend Derek DeYoung keeps reminding us just how beautiful the fish we keep chasing with our fly rods are with his incredible paintings. Derek’s new series of artwork depicting the flank patterns of various trout have us working hard to try and keep up with him too.

The third finish we replicated in the DeYoung Flank series is in a unique rainbow trout finish. 

Derek shared with us his own storied inspiration for his rainbow trout flank painting below:

Three days into my September 2012 trip to the Kenai River, Alaska, I asked the guide when I might catch an "Alaskan Leopard Rainbow"? He told me that chances were good that we would catch a few during our week of fishing the Kenai River

Supposedly Leopard Rainbows were the local bows that never left the river to live some part of the year in the lake. We fished hard and had a ball day after day, but the leopard rainbows continued to allude us. The last morning of our trip we packed our econo rental car and headed back towards Anchorage. Along the way we decided to stop at a small creek and give it one more try.

The wind gusted over 50 mph as we approached the mouth of the creek where it emptied into a large lake. Although it was blowing like crazy, the wind was at our backs, allowing a simple roll cast to unfurl into a satisfying 50 foot cast.

We did our best to fish the last three runs in the lower creek, and after 40 minutes or so I hooked up while drifting a flesh fly. As the fish materialized out of the glacial blue water, I saw that I had caught what I was looking for. 

As I knew it would be, this was the most spectacularly colored and spotted rainbow I'd ever caught! The colors ran the gamut…blending from emerald green to ochre to blue gray, and many variations between. The spots where relentless from the trouts top to its belly, and nose to tail. If I hadn't seen many pictures of these gorgeous fish in the past, I wouldn't have believed this trouts beauty possible.

Derek DeYoung

DeYoung 2013 Rainbow Trout Flank - Leopard
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