Abel's new bullet proof Zinger becomes IFTD Award Winner

The Abel Zinger won First Place in the Accessory Category at the recent IFTD New Product Showcase, announced American Fly Fishing Trade Association President Tucker Ladd. There were approximately 40 entries in the category won by the Abel Zinger.

Used to hold nippers, clippers, de-barbing pliers, fly floatant, scissors or magnifying glasses – to name a few – within easy reach on a retractable spool, the tools have been most notable for breaking or falling apart at the most inopportune time.

Enter Abel’s design team!

Abel’s made-in-the-USA Zinger boasts stainless steel and 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum construction and is designed with the option to either attach to a vest using a screw mechanism or utilize the included “S” carabineer to clip it to a D-ring on a vest or sling pack.

The 36-inch retracting cord is manufactured from a Spectra/Nylon blend with 40-pound test strength, ensuring an angler’s ability to reach wherever it is needed without breakage – the number one complaint with plastic “bargain” retractable spools.

In 2015, the Abel Zinger are now available in the 11 finishes and similar to the Abel nippers can be custom engraved.

Measuring 2.5 inches total and weighing one ounce, the spooling mechanism is housed in a machined stainless steel shell virtually impervious to the elements.

“To ensure ultimate, long-term reliability we developed a tool for testing the dependability of the retracting cord and internal parts.  Much the same way prototype automobile doors are mechanically opened and slammed closed thousands of times to determine wear factors, Abel Zingers were stretched to the max 25,000 times,” said Jeff Patterson, Abels Executive Vice-President.  Results of the 25,000 pull tests have been notarized.

Abel Zingers are priced at $60 in standard colors

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