Abel “Mooching” Reel Aimed At Both Oceans And Great Lakes

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CAMARILLO, Calif. – Coastal and Great Lakes-area anglers who target salmon, halibut or other deepwater gamefish have a new tool: the Abel Moocher.

“We’ve been prototyping our new mooching reel for the past 12 months with the assistance of both skilled lodge owners and seasoned fishing guides in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and British Columbia,” said Jeff Patterson, EVP.

The fully-machined drag knob is located in the center hub of the reel to meet the demands of the mooching angler. The spool itself has double counterbalanced aluminum handles, ensuring vibration- and hesitation-free operation, vital during a salmon or lake trout's long, blistering run. The Abel Moocher has a newly-designed, highly audible outgoing click mechanism, and a large arbor to aid in reducing line memory as well as increased retrieve rate.

Machined entirely in the USA from prime grade metals, frames and spools are made from “cold-rolled” 6061-T650 aircraft-grade aluminum.  “Cold rolling occurs with the metal below its recrystallization temperature (usually at room temperature), which increases the strength via strain hardening up to 20%.  It also improves the surface finish and holds tighter tolerances,” said Patterson.

Saltwater corrosion-resistant Abel Moochers are anodized with an exclusive quarter-century old proven system of metallurgy developed by the reel manufacturer.

Moochers are available in black, various solid colors and all hand painted fish graphic anodizing patterns. They may be viewed at the firm’s “build your own reel” website, www.abelreels.com

Reels are priced at $700 with extra spools listed at $350.


• Constructed with Abel’s patented "smooth as silk" cork drag system which allows for fighting a fish without stutter or hesitation – critical on a halibut, Chinook salmon or lake trout hell-bent for freedom.

• Reels are fitted with an aluminum milled drag knob specifically designed for the demands required by the mooching angler.

• The spool is coupled with counterbalanced aluminum double handles to eliminate the slightest vibration during a fish’s long, high-speed run, as well as a large arbor, providing lightning quick retrieval, and reduced line memory.

• Machined entirely in the USA from prime grade metals, the Abel Moocher utilizes a newly designed, field test-proven outgoing click mechanism with increased sound.

• Moochers are available in every custom anodization, including painted fish graphic patterns.

Weight: 14.5 ounces
Spool Diameter: 4.700 inches
Spool Width: 1.000 inches
Finish: Full saltwater anodizing using Abel’s proprietary method.
Aluminum: Cold-rolled 6061-T650 aircraft grade.
Drag: Cork
Price: $700; $350 extra spool

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