Following the success of their individually hand-painted Grateful Dead ® “Steal Your Face” logo reels in 2013, the group’s iconic “Dancing Bears” design has been licensed through Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment as the second pattern in the series, announced Jeff Patterson, Director of Sales for Abel Automatics. The Abel Reels Grateful Dead collector’s edition Dancing Bears design is available on six sizes of Super Series fly reels with a premium of $350 over standard black reel pricing. Dancing Bear reels are on sale now.


After years of numerous inquiries requesting custom finish reels with Grateful Dead artwork and imagery, we are happy to announce we have partnered with Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment on a limited edition run of Steal Your Face reels. Absolutely perfect for the Dead Head with a fishing habit, this reel brings both of their loves together in one package, proudly made in the USA, just like the music of Grateful Dead. The limited edition hand painted graphic will be available on only 250 reels in any Super Series, or Classic Series reel of your choice for a $300 premium over standard black pricing.

Derek DeYoung

Bold strokes and striking colors mark the creative talent of Derek DeYoung.  DeYoung’s work has veered off from the traditional fish illustration style; they’re contemporary and place more importance on using a unique style and palette rather than painting a fish to look photo realistic.  He lives in Livingston, Montana.

Tim Borski

Internationally acclaimed wildlife artists Tim Borski is noted for his striking interpretations of tarpon, bonefish and permit.  A versatile artist, Tim works in watercolors, oils and acrylics from his base in south Florida.   Borski is deeply committed to conservation through the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Jon Osiris

Seattle-based artist Jon Osiris has created Pacific Northwest Native American-style fish images. Osiris’ work is reminiscent of tribal totem and tattoo art seen throughout Washington, British Columbia and Alaska and encompasses the mythology, mysticism and knowledge of indigenous peoples. Learn more...

James Prosek

Considered by many as the “James Audubon of fish,” James Prosek’s striking interpretations are remarkable, realistic works of art.  Known as much as an author as artist, his books range from Trout to Eels.  The Yale graduate is a dedicated conservationist.  Prosek writes, sketches and paints at his studio in Connecticut. New Snook 2011.

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